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Physics A Level


TITLE: AQA Advanced Level GCE in Physics (601/4747/7)


Most of us travel through life giving little thought to the world around us or to questions such as what keeps the sun shining or makes the sky blue. Even fewer of us get to understand why. Physics is the search for knowledge; it is the search for an understanding of the Universe and an attempt to answer the BIG questions.

In A-Level Physics there are opportunities for candidates to

  • Develop practical skills.
  • Practise data-handling skills.
  • Increase their understanding of the part that mathematics plays in physics.
  • Use their imagination.
  • Discover that the world is much weirder than most people imagine.
  • Place physics in a social and historical context and argue about the issues that arise.
  • Be rewarded for initiative and interest in learning.
  • Use information and communication technology.

If you are interested in understanding why an apple falls down or the future of Nuclear Power, then you will enjoy A-Level Physics.

Physics is one of the key disciplines of Science and has been very successful for A-level candidates at William Farr.



Component Marks Duration  
Paper 1 85 2 hours Sections 1-5 and 6.1 (periodic motion) from the syllabus
Paper 2 85 2 hours Thermal physics, and sections 7 and 8, with assumed knowledge of paper 1 content

Paper 3: Section A

Section B Turning points in Physics - option)

80 2 hours

Section A: Practical skills and data analysis

Section B: Turning points in Physics option

Practical endorsement in physics (04)

    Non-exam assessment


Physics offers an infinite number of amazing career opportunities, including geophysicist/field seismologist, healthcare scientist, medical physics, research scientist (physical sciences), scientific laboratory technician, meteorologist, operational researcher, product/process development scientist, systems developer, technical author.

You can also move into engineering, astrophysics, chemical physics, nanotechnology, renewable energy and more - the opportunities are endless.