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Geography A Level


TITLE: AQA Level 3 Advanced GCE in Geography (601/8940/X)


Why Geography at A-level? Geography is unique in its position as a bridge between the Arts and the Sciences. It allows the “science” specialist to develop important literary skills and the “arts” specialist to develop important numeracy and graphical skills. It is especially attractive to those who want to maintain links with the “real world” outside the classroom.

The course focuses on an understanding of both human and physical environments and the relationships between them. In studying it you will discuss, critically, many current and controversial issues such as changing population, ecosystems under stress, changing places and the importance of cycles and systems in the natural world.

Throughout the course you will develop a wide variety of useful skills such as:

  • The ability to write coherent arguments
  • Interpreting data from a wide variety of sources
  • Problem solving, e.g. planning and management issues.
  • Data collection, analysis and presentation.
  • Use of instruments.
  • Social skills – working collaboratively, fieldwork in groups and using questionnaires.


  • Component 1: Physical Geography / 2h30mins / 40% of A level
  • Component 2: Human Geography / 2h30mins / 40% of A level
  • Component 3: Geography Fieldwork Investigation / an independent study in area of your choice undertaken at the end of year 12 and the beginning of year 13 / 20% of A level


Fieldwork - It is a requirement of the A level Geography course that students experience 4 days of fieldwork. This will be met through a series of day trips, mostly in Year 12. Fieldwork will help increase your self-reliance and initiative as well as your ability to work on your own and as part of a team. These, and the skills mentioned above, are the ones that employers look for in an increasing competitive world.


A-level geographers will learn more about the workings of the world to help them take their adult place within it, and gain skills that will help them gain employment within this world. A good geographer will always be able to adapt and “see the wood for the trees” no matter how fast the world changes.
Michael Palin: “Without Geography, you’re nowhere”.