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Biology A Level


TITLE: OCR Level 3 Advanced GCE in Biology A (601/4260/1)


Biology is the study of living things.

Biology encompasses our everyday life in many ways; it is difficult to switch on the news without details of some advancement in medicine, genetic engineering or gene therapy. Biology as a subject continues to grow in all fields both on a molecular and global level. This course complements the traditional science subjects and provides a balance with the humanities and arts. The specification content will vary from the familiar, such as cells, to applications of modern medicine like the human genome project.

You will get the opportunity to develop your understanding of the living world whilst enhancing a range of skills such as:

  • Implementing practical investigations.
  • Interpreting data and applying mathematical skills.
  • Apply biological principles and concepts in solving problems.
  • Present relevant information clearly and logically in a variety of ways, for example presentations.
  • Use biological knowledge to show an understanding of the ethical, social, economic and environmental implications and applications of biology.


Three written examinations at the end of Year 13 (Year 2)

Practical endorsement assessed over the two years


Ten percent of the available marks in the examinations are based on mathematical skills so good GCSE Mathematics is essential.


Biology can be studied to aid progression to a scientific, medical, health, environmental or social science career. Popular progression routes from A Level Biology include degrees in biology, biomedical sciences, marine biology, zoology, pharmacy, environmental sciences, psychology, medicine, physiotherapy, speech or occupational therapy, veterinary science and dentistry.