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Chemistry A Level


TITLE: OCR Level 3 Advanced GCE in Chemistry A (601/5255/2)


Chemistry is at the core of our society enabling us to understand the world around us: how our bodies work, developing new materials to meet the demands of society, discovering new medicines to combat illness, finding new metal alloys, cosmetics and packaging materials. Chemistry forms the basis of the world’s largest industry and is essential in the study of any medical related subject.

Chemistry is not only a fascinating subject to study but will support work in Physics and Biology and has strong links with other curriculum areas such as D&T and Geography.

You should be aware that Chemistry is also a challenging subject and that you will need good evaluative and analytical skills to complete the course successfully.

Within Chemistry, you will be encouraged to:

  • develop your practical skills
  • to handle data to solve problems
  • to use your initiative and develop an objective view of the effects of Science on our world
  • becoming aware of how we can care for our environment


There are three examinations at the end of Year 13 (year 2).

Practical endorsement is assessed throughout the two years.


Approximately 20% of the written examination is higher level Maths.


Chemistry leads to a wide choice of careers and degree courses, as it is such a central science in our lives. Materials for everything from nappies to clothing fibres, food colourings to plastics, paints to tiles are developed by Chemists and produced in Chemical plants designed by Chemical Engineers, placing Chemists at the centre of our society.