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Further Mathematics A Level


TITLE: AQA Level 3 Advanced GCE in Further Mathematics (603/1841/7)


Further Mathematics is taught in addition to, not in place of, A Level Mathematics. It is recommended for students who wish to progress to a degree in Mathematics or a degree with a significant mathematical content.

Students will be taught to understand and use mathematical argument, language and proof as well as mathematical modelling and mathematical problem solving.

The pure content of A Level Further Mathematics will include:

  • Proof
  • Complex Numbers
  • Matrices and Matrix Transformations
  • Further Algebra and Functions
  • Further Calculus
  • Further Vectors
  • Polar Coordinates
  • Hyperbolic Functions
  • Differential Equations
  • Trigonometry
  • Numerical Methods

Further to the pure content mentioned above students will also be taught two areas of applied Mathematics, Further Mechanics and Discrete Mathematics.

Further Mechanics will build upon the content taught within the main A Level and will include:

  • Momentum and collisions
  • Work, energy and power
  • Circular motion
  • Centre of mass and moments

Discrete Mathematics is an area of Mathematics that will be new to students and will include:

  • Graphs
  • Networks
  • Network flows
  • Linear Programming
  • Critical Path analysis
  • Game theory
  • Binary operations


Students will be assessed on three, two-hour papers at the end of Year 13. The use of calculators is permitted for all three papers.

Papers 1 and 2 assess only pure content. Paper 3 assesses further mechanics and discrete mathematics content.


Maths graduates have one of the highest rates of graduate employment. Mathematicians enter a very wide range of career areas ranging from Aerospace and Defence to Finance. Studying maths provides you with valuable skills and a firm base for life-long learning.