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Mathematics is important both in its own right and as a tool to aid understanding in other subject areas. It helps develop logical and abstract thought processes as well as being applicable to a wide range of practical situations.

GCSE Mathematics

Students will study topics on number, algebra, shape & space, ration and proportion, statistics and probability. Each topic will be taught to emphasise the need for:

  • a sound understanding of the underlying concepts
  • fluency in standard procedures
  • competency in applying mathematical skills in a range of contexts
  • confidence in mathematical problem solving.


COURSE INFORMATION: OCR GCSE Mathematics (601/4606/0)


There are three main assessment objectives:

  • A01: Use and apply standard techniques
  • A02: Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically
  • A03: Solve problems within mathematics and in other contexts

There will be three exam papers, two calculator and one non calculator, which will be taken at the end of the course. Each paper is 90 minutes in length with 100 marks available on each. Entry is either at Higher or Foundation Tier.