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Art and Photography

The Art department encourages the individual talents of all its students in drawing and painting, design, photography, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and 3D design.

We are proud of the many arts activities on offer, both in lessons and in a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and events. The Art department enjoys a high profile in the school and wider community with exhibitions of students’ artwork always on display throughout the whole school.


During the two-year course, students will study the basic principles of composition, colour, texture, line and techniques in most media, e.g: clay sculpture, printmaking, graphic design, batik, fabric printing, drawing, painting, video and computers.


COURSE INFORMATION: AQA GCSE in Art and Design (601/8088/2)


Unit 1: Portfolio of work 60%

The portfolio of work is selected from work undertaken during the course of study and must include more than one project. The portfolio will show research, development of ideas, processes and links with art and design movements, individual artists, designers and craftspersons. Students will also have to produce a sketchbook which supports the projects completed within their portfolio. Homework is expected every two weeks throughout the course.

Externally Set Task 40%

Students respond to their chosen starting point to produce a personal response.
Question papers can be issued to students from January in the year of the exam. Students have unlimited preparation time and a 10-hour period of sustained focused study. Students will also have to produce sketchbook pages to support and enhance their exam preparation.


GCSE Photography

This is a specialised course offered to all students who hold a serious interest in photography. Experience in a wide range of digital techniques will be gained, including the operation of cameras, lighting, processing, experimental photography and digital editing. Digital photography and computer manipulation using Adobe Photoshop is a main element of the course and candidates may decide to develop the media of video.


COURSE INFORMATION: AQA GCSE in Art and Design (601/8088/2)


Coursework component 60%

Students will work towards a portfolio of work over the two years, consisting of more than one project or an extended collection of work. This can be in the form of a whole thematic project, such as ‘reflection’ or ‘light and dark’, or cover a whole range of themes, such as portraiture, landscape, still life, photo-journalism and the moving image. This portfolio can be supported by individual idea notebooks/logbooks and all work will be linked to the work of practising artists and photographers. It is expected that all work is annotated with written analysis and personal commentary. Some extension work will be required outside the normal photographic sessions and students will be expected to take regular photographs for homework.

Examination component 40%

At the end of the course, students will undertake a 10-hour controlled examination. They will be given the examination paper in advance at the beginning of the spring term in Year 11 and they will be expected to research and prepare independently, supported by their teacher.