Sixth Form Dress Code

William Farr Sixth Form is committed to setting high standards in all aspects of learning. The Sixth Form Dress Code plays an important part in this process and setting the right climate for learning. If students take a pride in their appearance they take a pride in themselves, their school and their learning.

Students are required to wear suitable dress for a school environment and are expected to dress modestly and smartly. If students in the Sixth Form are unsuitably dressed, as determined by the school, then we reserve the right to ask students to return home to dress appropriately.

Shorts may be worn during periods of warm weather. These should be of an approved style and length.

Jeans may be worn, but should not be ripped.

Skirts must be of a suitable length.

Leggings / jeggings / tights, etc. are permitted with a suitable top / skirt / dress, which again is of a reasonable length.

Tops should have thick shoulder straps. They should not be skimpy and low cut. Students’ backs, midriffs or underwear should not be visible.

Footwear should be appropriate for school. Students should not wear flip flops.

Students are allowed to wear one set of earrings. Students should not have any additional piercings, visible tattoos or extremes of hairstyles and colours.

Makeup, nail varnish and jewellery may be worn, but should not be excessive.


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