Year 9 Options

Next September our Year 9 pupils begin what will be one of the most critical parts of their education. The options process will enable pupils, with the help and support of their parents and tutors, to choose a combination of subjects suited to their individual interests and aspirations.

Pupils and parents should be in no doubt that at William Farr entry on to a course is a commitment to two years of very hard work, effort, self-discipline and high expectations at all times. Throughout the coming months it is crucial that our pupils discuss any issues with their parents, subject teachers, careers staff and form tutors. Should parents require further advice and additional assistance they should not hesitate to contact the school.

Education is a partnership and we all have a responsibility to ensure our children have as much opportunity as possible to develop worthwhile careers along with the knowledge and understanding required to enable them to be active citizens when the time comes to leave William Farr.

The most we can ever ask of pupils is that they do their best. It is our intention that they will be given a detailed programme of advice and provided with the necessary professional care and guidance available. We continue to develop their educational environment for maximum academic achievement and success so that their future opportunities and options may be as wide and successful as possible.

Mr A Stones


Mr A Stones - Headteacher


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