Music GCSE



TITLE: Edexcel GCSE Music

CODE: 601/8204/0 


GCSE Music is an exciting and challenging course which will develop an interest and understanding of how music is created through performing, composing, listening and appraising in a variety of contexts.

Other information

This is an ideal subject for students who are committed to developing their musical skills through active participation in practical work and keen to further their knowledge and understanding of music in different contexts.

Routes for progression

GCSE Music provides a solid grounding for study of the subject at a higher level. Students can study music in the sixth form and go onto higher education. There are further opportunities for careers in music and many employers value the diligence, commitment and self-discipline which musicians require to be successful. Careers such as performing, composing/arranging, music therapy, music education, work in the record industry, sound engineering or a career in the armed forces may interest students further in the future. Whatever the decision, many people continue to pursue and enjoy their musical interests well into their adult lives.

Music Staff


Mrs C Prentice (HoD)

Mrs C Bushell-Thornalley

Mr L Potter

Course Structure

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