Extra-curricular Activities

The school enjoys an excellent reputation for high standards of performance with a variety of extra curricular activities including:

  • windband
  • big band
  • string group
  • vocal group
  • various ensembles
  • solo performers
  • rock bands

Students are also able to contribute to WFR Radio for which programmes are presented by students every lunchtime.


As part of the football celebrations, our choir was asked to perform as part of the build up to the England-Croatia match on Wednesday 11 July on Radio Lincolnshire. The choir had to perform an arrangement of ‘Three Lions’, which they had 30 minutes to learn! Radio Lincolnshire came into school to record the performance and interview the pupils and Mr Stones about their thoughts and feelings on the impeding game. The choir were accompanied by Mr Prentice, Olly Prodger (Y10) and Joshua Backhouse (Y10) in splendid style. The recording was played three times on the radio and if you would like to hear it, it can be accessed on the school website.

Instrumental Tuition and Opportunities

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Music Staff


Miss C Tappin (HoD)

Mrs C Bushell-Thornalley

Mr P Whitehead


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