Modern Languages

The Languages department teaches two languages, French and Spanish.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8 and 9, students study French.

Year 7 offers a broad introduction to the language, providing the skills and knowledge that students will needs to progress. They produce a brief play in French of “La Belle et la Bete”, which they practise in their Drama lessons, and also have the opportunity to see a French play from a touring Drama company. They work on memory skills and accents.

Year 8 builds on their knowledge and begins the exploration of more applied language construction. They produce project work on celebrities, as well as exploring the country by regional foods.

In Year 9, students explore specific language to meet the needs of a Year 9 in France. We study film, the First World War, independent study with regions, and much more.

Students are also given the opportunity to study Spanish as a second language with our Spanish club for Year 9 students. Years 7 and 8, who have an interest in Spanish, may also attend the club provided by our Year 12 students.

We also offer trips to France and Spain for all students at various points in their time through the Languages Department.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students are able to choose a foreign language as one of their E-Bacc subjects for their GCSE. The options of Spanish and French are available for the 2-year course. Students who have studied Spanish after school in Year 9, have attended lunchtime Spanish club or have achieved a grade 6 or higher in French, have a choice to study Spanish.

The Languages Department uses a communicative approach with an emphasis on oral skill development. Students practise listening, speaking, reading and writing in the foreign language on a variety of topics, together with the use of a wide variety of learning resources and teaching methods. Students are also shown how to use transferable skills that they can then apply to other subjects or
real-life situations. There are several opportunities to visit French and Spanish-speaking countries throughout the Key Stages.

MFL Staff

Mr B Irving (HoD)

Mrs J Pailing (AHOD)

Mrs S Brodigan

Mrs S Carlisle

Mrs A Colautti

Mrs A Dixon

Mrs A Escasany

Mrs M Austin (French Assistant)


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