Modern Languages

The languages department teaches two languages, French and Spanish.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7, 8 and 9, pupils study French.

In Year 9 pupils are given the opportunity to study Spanish as a second language after school.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 all pupils are required to study at least one foreign language. In Year 10 pupils who have studied Spanish after school in Year 9 have a choice to study Spanish.

The languages department uses a communicative approach with an emphasis on oral skill development. Pupils practise listening, speaking, reading and writing in the foreign language on a variety of topics together with the use of a wide variety of learning resources and teaching methods. There are several opportunities to visit French and Spanish speaking countries throughout the Key Stages.

MFL Staff

MR B Irving (HoD)

Mrs E Keegan (AHoD)

Mrs C Galbraith (French Assistant)

Mrs S Carlisle

Mrs A Colautti

Mrs A Dixon

Mrs J Pailing

Mrs S Capes (Teacher and Spanish Assistant)

Mrs S Brodigan

Course Structure

Summary of GCSE French

GCSE French

Summary of GCSE Spanish

GCSE Spanish

AS French

A2 French

AS Spanish

A2 Spanish


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