Mathematics is important both in its own right and as a tool to aid understanding in other subject areas. It helps develop logical and abstract thought processes as well as being applicable to a wide range of practical situations.

The Mathematics courses at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are based around the requirements of the National Curriculum. Topics are studied from each of the key areas of:

  • number
  • algebra & graphs
  • geometry & measure
  • statistics & probability

Alongside the mathematical content, pupils focus on mathematical key processes, learning to formulate and solve mathematical problems. Pupils also develop their functional maths skills by applying their mathematical knowledge to solve problems involving real life situations.

Pupils are taught in two parallel bands and are grouped according to their ability. The Y7 setting is initially based on a combination of the KS2 test level and the primary teacher assessed level. The maths groups are reviewed regularly and movements between sets are always based on a combination of performance in assessments and on teacher recommendations based on classwork and homework.

Maths Staff

Mrs L Varcoe (HoD)

Mr H Mort (AHoD)

Miss A Hamilton (AHoD)

Mr C Bunting

Mr J Clark

Mr S Ellis

Mr A Gayfer

Miss S Hall

Mrs A Hoddinott

Mr O Petts

Miss L Spencer

Mrs K Wright

Mrs K Mosley (Intervention Coordinator)


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