Graphic Products GCSE

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TITLE: Edexcel GCSE Graphic Products

CODE: 500/4574/x


During the two-year course students will study the basic principles of composition, colour, texture, line and techniques in most media through Graphic Design, Advertising, Illustration, Printing, Photography, Interior Design, Typography and Lettering. We use a range of different ways of producing design work, sketching and drawing from observation, to industry-standard software like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Assessment structure:

Unit 1: Extended Project 60%

The Extended Project is based on a large body of work following one design brief of your choice and follows the design process through research of designers and the branding, to design ideas, development culminating with final outcomes. The work of design movements, individual artists, designers and craftspersons should be mimicked and used to move your ideas on. Students can also produce a sketchbook, which supports the project, to document their journey.

Externally Set Task 40%

Students respond to their chosen task to produce a personal response.
Question papers can be issued to students from January in Year 11. Students have unlimited preparation time and a 10-hour period of sustained focused study. Students will also have to produce sketchbook pages to support and enhance their exam preparation.

Routes for progression

If you look around you Graphics is everywhere, from adverts in magazines, on billboards and on your smartphone, to branding on shops and products. Graphics is also used to display information in interesting ways as well as in clothing, footwear, toys and electrical equipment. You will also see Graphics on illustrations of books and magazines, or the introductions of TV shows.

Other important careers for the creative artist are in Graphic Design, Advertising, Illustration, Printing, Photography, Film, Theatre, Television, Computers, Display, Interior Design, Typography and Lettering.

Art and Design at GCSE level would be useful in Architecture, Industrial Design and Technology.

Graphics Staff

Mrs A Thompson-Moulding

Mrs C Owbridge

Miss A Ortiz

Course Structure

Summary of GCSE



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