Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE



TITLE: Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition

CODE: 601/8093/6


Food Preparation and Nutrition brings together Food Technology, Food and Nutrition, Hospitality and Catering in one new course backed by Heston Blumenthal called Food Preparation and Nutrition. It teaches you how to prepare a range of food item from vegetables to meat and fish, including health and safety from an industrial and commercial angle as well as the nutritional elements which underpin our diet of what we eat. You will also learn the skills you will need and a repertoire of new and exciting recipes that you will get to cook and take home and try!

Year 10 is used to build on what we learn at Key Stage 3 and learn new content through some high level recipes, which will stretch and challenge you to produce some amazing dishes! It will give you a strong basis of knowledge as well as making skills and practice folder work, which can then be applied to Coursework, which we start at the end of Year 10 and counts for 50% of your final grade. Food Prep and Nutrition theory is taught through a range of methods including practical work and practical experiments to understand how and why ingredients act that way.

Coursework (NEA) starts at the end of Year 10 and worked on in Year 11. You will have to produce a folder which demonstrates your ability to research, develop, make and evaluate your chosen product from a list of themes set by the exam board. Pupils studying Design Technology will need to provide ingredients for coursework as you will keep whatever you make. You should expect to cook weekly.

Assessment Structure:

  • Controlled Assessment - 50% Pupils complete a Food Investigation & Food Preparation report
  • Written Paper - 50% (1hr 30min paper)

Routes for Progression:

Studying Design & Technology shows an employer that you are able to use a wide range of academic and practical skills and can apply your knowledge to solve problems.

You can go on to study Chemistry at A Level which will allow you to go on and study Dietetics at University or you could go onto a Hospitality and Catering course at College.

Food Staff

Miss L Wesley

Mr I Pindar

Course Structure

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