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Students in Year 10 and 11 can choose to take either GCSE Computer Science or Creative iMedia, or both options if they prefer.

Each course is studied for 3 hours per week.

Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia (new for 2022) 603/7090/7

The course will encourage students to:

  • Understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of digital media (Video games, online publishing e.g. websites or online documents, books etc; interactive media e.g. online programs or travel guides)
  • including factors that influence product design, use of media codes and conventions, pre-production planning techniques, legal issues and creation/publishing/distribution considerations
  • Develop learning and practical skills that can be applied to real-life contexts and work situations
  • Think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically
  • Develop independence and confidence in using skills that would be relevant to the media industry and more widely
  • Design, plan, create and review digital media products which are fit for purpose meeting both client and target audience requirements

The course consists of three units, two of them are based on coursework and the third is a written exam, which is completed in the summer of Year 11.

By taking this option you will be taking a Level 2 VCF course (not a BTEC) from OCR. You will gain grades equivalent to GCSE grades 9 - 1 on successful completion of the course.

The units covered are:

  • R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry – This is assessed by taking a 1 hour and 30 minute written exam and is worth 40% of the overall grade. In this unit you will learn about the media industry, digital media products, how they are planned, and the media codes which are used to convey meaning, create impact and engage audiences. Topics include:
    • The media industry
    • Factors influencing product design
    • Pre-production planning
    • Distribution consideration
  • R094: Visual identity and digital graphics – This is assessed by completing a set assignment and is worth 25% of the overall grade. In this unit you will learn to how to develop visual identities for clients and use the concepts of graphic design to create original digital graphics to engage target audiences. Topics include:
    • Develop visual identity
    • Plan digital graphics for products
    • Create visual identity and digital graphics
  • R099: Digital games – This is assessed by completing a set assignment and is worth 35% of the overall grade. In this unit you will learn how to plan, create and review digital games. Topics include:
    • Plan digital games
    • Create digital games
    • Review digital games

You can opt to take both GCSE Computer Science and Creative iMedia if you wish.

Routes for progression:

Students wishing to continue in this subject will be able not be able to progress to A Level in this subject at William Farr. Students will be able to use their ICT skills to assist other A Level subjects. Students wishing to go to College will be able to use their ICT skills to assist whichever course they pursue there; Students going into Apprenticeships will clearly be able to show employers and trainers the level of their ICT competence using a recognised qualification, especially in the areas covered by the units outlined above.

ICT Staff

Mrs K Pitts (HoD)

Mr S Graves

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