Computer Science GCSE



TITLE: Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Computer Science

CODE:  601/8058/4


This course is studied for 3 hours per week. 

If you want to know what happens inside a computer and the programming that helps it run, then this is the course you should choose.

Assessment Structure

The course is assessed by two exams worth 50% of the overall grade each. The first exam is a written paper focusing on how a computer works, networks, databases and emerging technologies.  The second paper is completed online and will cover coding using python.

Other information

There’s more to Computer Science than simply programming. Computer Science is the study of how computer systems work, how they are constructed and programmed. A good understanding of Maths is needed to help you on this course.

It consists of a body of knowledge, a set of techniques/methods for solving problems, as well as practical programming skills. What this means is that a course in Computer Science has to cover a lot of theory teaching, as well as plenty of practical problem solving and programming.

The subject content is divided into six topics:

  • Problem Solving (algorithms)
  • Programming
  • Data handling
  • Computer hardware
  • Communication and the internet

Edexcel GCSE Computer Science counts as a science option in the EBacc measure in secondary school performance tables. This means that a student who sits any three of the four separate sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science) and achieves a level 4 or above in two of them will fulfil the current science requirement of the EBacc.

You can opt to take both GCSE Computer Science and Creative iMedia if you wish.

Routes for progression:

Students wishing to continue in this subject can continue on to the A Level Computer Science course - please se the page on the left. Students who do not wish to study computing further will be able to use their skills to assist other A Level subjects. Students wishing to go to College will be able to use their skills to assist whichever course they pursue; Students going into Apprenticeships will clearly be able to show employers and trainers the level of their computing competence using a recognised qualification, especially in the areas covered by the units outlined above.

GCSE Computer Science

Mrs K Pitts

Mr S Graves

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