Business Studies

Business Studies is offered as an option at Key Stage 4.

All types of business activities and organisations are investigated, including the work carried out by various departments, and the roles of people within these organisations. 

Experimental and practical approaches to learning are employed, using the local and national community as a resource for study, and encouraging pupils to develop initiative, problem-solving and decision making skills.
ICT is an integral part of Business Studies and these skills will be developed throughout the course.

So what is Business Studies?

Business Studies is the consideration of the dynamic environment in which business operates and an appreciation of the many and varied factors which impact upon business activity and business behaviour. Everybody works in a business or has contact with a business whether this is privately owned e.g. shops hairdressers, builders, garages, solicitors, banks etc; controlled by the government e.g. health, education, defence, council services or a voluntary organisation such as a charity.
All types of business activities are investigated including the types of business organisations; the work carried out by various departments and the varied roles of people in these organisations; together with their selection process; use and recording of finance; investigation of costs of production and how production works together with marketing strategies.

Business Studies Staff

Mrs Katy Pitts (HoD)

Mr C Otter (HoS)

Miss C Norcross

Mr M Smyth


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