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William Farr C of E Comprehensive School Curriculum Provision Statement

William Farr C of E Comprehensive School is proud of its reputation for academic excellence and the high standards and expectations shared by all staff and pupils. We aim to provide a broad and balanced programme of study by which all pupils of whatever aptitude and ability can reach their highest standards of progress, academic achievement, and levels of qualification in public examinations and tests.

We recognise that pupils mature academically at different times and that their interests change. We are concerned that pupils maintain as comprehensive a study base as possible and our curriculum is specifically designed to prevent over specialisation. In this way our pupils can keep their post 16+ options open, whether in our sixth form or continuing onto other institutions in the wider community.

During the time pupils spend at William Farr the academic curriculum is organised to guide them into those subjects where they will develop the greatest sense of achievement and the best examination results, leading to clear progression pathways into the next stages of their development as individual members of society.

The organisation of subjects in each year may vary because it has always been school policy to allow individual Heads of Department and their staff the professional freedom to decide the most efficient way to teach their particular discipline from Year 7 to Year 13 and the GCSE and A level examinations.

Academic work is but one part of the `whole curriculum' at William Farr. It is essential that parents join the staff in ensuring that positive pupil attitudes to their studies are supported by the school systems of welfare, care and guidance. The development and outlook of pupils is enhanced further by active involvement in many ‘extra-curricular' activities to enrich the wider educational diet on offer.

The curriculum at William Farr, will actively seek to support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of its students in line with the six core values identified by the school of;

Compassion, Friendship, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, Wisdom.


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