Student Council

Role of Student Council

The school council have the job of presenting the student opinion towards the school improvements. Ideas are collected from every form group in every year and brought forward to weekly council meetings by year representatives. These ideas are discussed between the students and the finalised ideas will reach senior staff via the heads of the school council, where pursued ideas get put into place. The student council also have the role of representing the whole body of students at William Farr as they participate in staff interviewing, senior team meetings and external events.

Election Process

Years seven to eleven have a boy and girl year representative. These are voted into position by their year groups as those who fancy taking on the role go head-to-head performing speeches in assembly elections. In year twelve the process is slightly different. To start with, a letter of application has to be written to Mrs Bates,who oversees the student council. The candidates then perform speeches to each year group in an appeal for votes. These votes determine which candidates are given the roles of head boy, head girl and the four other sixth form council members.

Heads of School Council

Victoria Smith and Andrew Tallon
Chloe Holt (Deputy) and Joseph Gilbert (Deputy)

  • To ensure all meetings have an agenda.
  • To secure the written constitution.
  • To report to the Senior Development Team,School Governors, parents and pupils on an annual basis, or more often if necessary.
  • To ensure all Council members fulfil their duties.
  • To ensure the smooth running of all elections.
  • To provide forums for positive debate and innovation within the school.


Barnaby Alexander
Charlotte Pailing (Deputy)

  • To deputise in the absence of the Head of School Council.
  • To ensure letters go out to parents biannually regarding the School Fund, and that dates are published on the calendar.
  • To maximise the collection of the School Fund.
  • To bring funding requests to meetings.
  • To produce the relevant paperwork for funding applications.
  • To look for and apply for other funding opportunities.
  • To produce annually a financial report to staff, pupils,parents and governors.


Amelia Smith
Oliver Coffin (Deputy)

  • To ensure all agendas and minutes are stored electronically.
  • To type up minutes from all meetings and distribute to all relevant parties, e.g. Senior Development Team,Governing Body, Council Members,Forms.
  • To publicise meetings on the school calendar.To work with the Chief Whip to ensure the Council contributes to school publications.
  • To ensure there is a system in place for individuals to raise issues anonymously.


Lydia Sanders
Hannah Miles (Deputy)

  • To deputise in the absence of the Head of School Council.
  • To ensure the School Council notice board is up to date.
  • To prepare any materials needed for school functions and conferences.
  • To prepare display boards when necessary.
  • To ensure there is a system for pupils to provide feedback to the Council and offer suggestions.
  • To be allocated to a Year Council and ensure there is an agenda with input from all the forms.
  • To support the Year and Form Representatives.

Chief Whip

Ahmad Sultan
Adam Sims (Deputy)

  • To liaise with the ICT Department and ensure School Council minutes,and information on School Council activities,are available via the school website.
  • To ensure, with the Secretary, that the School Council contributes to the school newsletter, website etc.
  • To liaise with Heads of Year to ensure the School Council are able to hold assemblies.
  • To link with the Parish Council/District Council/Local Authority to provide views.
  • To delegate activities and support Year Representatives to complete agreed tasks.

Victoria Smith
Chloe Holt
Andrew Tallon
Joseph Gilbert
Ahmad Sultan
Adam Sims
Barnaby Alexander
Charlotte Pailing
Amelia Smith
Oliver Coffin
Lydia Sanders
Hannah Milnes


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