Collective Worship In Practice

A Church of England School

William Farr is a Church of England school, serving our local community. We strive to be a community that is hospitable to students and staff of all languages, ethnicities and nationalities, those with special educational needs and disabilities, those who are LGBT+, those of all family structures, of all socio-economic backgrounds, of all body types, of all faiths and none. We are a member of the family of Church of England schools in the Diocese of Lincoln. Together we share a distinctive Anglican identity.

Collective Worship

We hold a daily act of Collective Worship which forms the heart of our community life at school. Our worship is rooted in the Christian tradition of the Church of England, but we work hard to ensure that our worship is inclusive and welcoming to everyone in our school community, both Christian and non-Christian. Collective Worship takes several forms to provide a wide range of experiences:

Assembly takes place in the school hall. It is an opportunity for the school community to meet together to worship and pray, to reflect on our school values and their meaning in our lives, to grow together as a family and to celebrate each other’s achievements. We have outside speakers come in to deliver assemblies in their field of expertise as well as our own staff team.

Thought for the Week is a daily reflection which takes place within each Tutor time in their individual classrooms. It is a reflection which draws on scripture, the school values, contemporary issues and students’ personal experience. The reflection is given by the Chaplain and delivered by each form tutor.

Chapel worship happens on a Monday lunchtime, with Fusion led by two Sixth Form students and a Wednesday lunchtime with either a youth-led bible course or the Eucharist.

Church services happen several times a year in our parish church, St Mary’s Welton. We go to church for important festivals and special occasions in the life of the school, such as Christmas Carol Services, Easter Service, Founder’s Day Service (Commissioning New Year 7 students into the school) and Year 11 and Year 13 Leavers’ Service.

As an inclusive Church of England school, we welcome students of all faiths and no faith and we are delighted that almost all our students, including Muslim, Jehovah’s Witnesses, are able to attend church services and participate in the service as much as they feel able to. However, parents and carers have the right to withdraw students from all or part of collective worship for religious reasons and we respect their right to do so. Parents and carers wishing to withdraw a student from Collective Worship or RE lessons should do so in writing to the school.

Religious Education helps students to explore the depths of wisdom, hope and dignity in different faiths; to listen to the opinions of others; to learn from different traditions; and to discuss controversial issues with sensitivity. Religious Education provides a framework for students to pursue the big questions such as “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “What do I desire?” and “How then Shall I live?”. Religious Education encourages students to make connections with their own spiritual journey and so realise Spiritual fulfillment.

Religious Education lessons teach our students respect for all backgrounds and beliefs. The Lincolnshire locally agreed syllabus specifies the study of Christianity and Islam. GCSE level students study Christianity and Hinduism and celebrate diversity.

Tutor Time begins in the morning and is a core part of the school day which is valued by students and staff. It provides a supportive family community, which delivers high-quality collective worship, pastoral care and personal development based on the school’s Christian values. Students build strong relationships with peers and staff through regular one-to-one ‘Relational Meetings,’ which provide a foundation of mutual trust and RESPECT. Tutor Time is a safe, secure environment in which students can explore issues in the school and from current affairs.

The Lawres Chapel is always available for prayer and reflection by students and staff. We have a dedicated Prayer Space within the Chapel.


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