Barcelona Day 2

Today we did loads....of walking!!!!

Product Design and Design Engineering visited the mNACTEC, the Museum of Science and Technology in Catalunya in a neighbouring town. Following the museum we took a coach Back to Barcelona and walked from Las Ramblas to Sagrada Família, the cathedral designed by artist Antoni Gaudi.

Art, Graphics, Photography and Textiles visited the Miro museum on Parc Montjuïc via the funicular railway. After they took in some culture on Las Rambla and took the Metro to Parc Güell where they met up with Product and Engineering students.

Parc Güell was amazing and we saw lots more work by Gaudi. On the walk back to the hotel you could see a lot of architecture that was either by Gaudi or inspired by his work.

After dinner we took in some time down on the harbour.


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