Year 10 Paris Visit

Day 4 Sunday 17th march:

Long delays are currently in place affecting Eurostar journeys; our group are at Gare du Nord in Paris waiting for news about their departure time.  More information will be appearing here as we find out.

Update - 12.15 pm - The group have been waiting a long time at the Passport Control, but are in sight of the control point now, so not much longer hopefully.  Eurostar have told us that their train should not be delayed for more than about an hour, so they will be home approximately 1-2 hours later than expected.  More information will be added as we receive it.

2.00 pm - After a tiring 4 hours standing in queues, the group are finally on the train, which should be leaving pretty much on time!

3.50 pm - The group have just arrived at St Pancras, and are waiting for the School minibus to collect them and bring them back to School.  They should be back here between 8pm and 9pm tonight. 

9.25 pm - The group have arrived safely back at School.


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