Ski Course Day 8

It is time to come home!!!

We left the hotel at 10:30am and are on our way to Milan for the flight.  At the time of writing this our flight is still scheduled to depart for Luton at 17:25 local time and arrive at 18:25 BST.

We have safely arrived at Milan Malpensa Airport. Waiting in a long queue to check in.  How very British of us!!

All boarded and ready to go... 25 minute delay due to air traffic control but off and flying soon.

Unfortunately due to a logistical error from our coach company we have been delayed slightly. We now have to have a short stop at Leicester Services on the M1 before the last leg home. I will update the website and get pupils to make contact with an ETA. as soon as I have a more accurate time.

Transfer of coaches at Leicester Services was quick and we are back on the way again.  Huge thank you to Mr Stones and the 7 year 10 and 12 girls for kindly agreeing to get on a different coach.  


See you soon.


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