Salzburg 2019 Day 2

Thursday 18th July:

Today, after travelling for a very long time, the group have arrived at the hotel in Salzburg at midday.

They have been to Mirabell Gardens to see where they will be performing later in the tour, and then later they have entertained the hotel and the guests there by rehearsing in the only available space large enough for them - the lobby.  What a welcome to those checking in!

Here are the latest pictures:

  1. Enjoying Mirabell Gardens

  2. In the gnome garden with Phillipe (the tour mascot)

  3. Here Mrs Bushell is rehearsing the 'cuckoo' part from the Sound of Music, with accompanying gnome!

  1. These are not your normal garden gnomes ...

  2. Enjoying the sunshine

Here are some more pictures from Mirabell Gardens:

Here are pictures from the rehearsal at the hotel:


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