Ski Course Day 1

1am and we are off and running. Thank you to all parents and pupils for being prompt and on time. 

A reminder that we will be updating the Ski Course pages as the week goes on. 

Once we arrive into Milan Airport and onto our transfer coach I will return to update the journey from them onwards until we arrive into Bormio. 

We are all off to sleep now as we drive down to Luton, sweet dreams all. 


12:40pm (Italian time) and we are well on our way to Bormio. Flight was good and now driving through Northern Italy. One scheduled stop for some food before arriving at The Hotel Villa Rina. 

Currently on route to Bormio having landed safely


Arrived, skis and boots collected, rooms allocated and now dinner...

Bed and a good nights sleep needed by all before we hit the slopes for the first time tomorrow. Good night. 


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