2018 Paris Trip

Day 1 - Wednesday 13th June

6.30 pm - The group are in France, but unfortunately they have been caught in traffic and are not yet at their Hotel!

Pictures will appear here when they reach their destination ........

9.00 pm - Update :

  1. Year 9 under the sea on the way to Paris. No Spongebob in sight though ...

  2. The coach journey gave life to some externalised thoughts on traffic jams.

  1. Finally chilling and checking the poker face practice before bed. Tomorrow, Paris!

  2. Finally arrived ready for some food in our tropical paradise.The long day was rewarded with the first try of French cuisine.

Day 2 Thursday 14th June

The group have been very busy today seeing the sights (and walking many kilometers!):

  1. Day 2 saw a visit to Monmatre and the sights of the Sacre Coer. Amazing sights to reach for!

  2. Notre Dame sans Hunchback. A great start to the day!

  1. 5 a side football put the World Cup to shame with the skills on show!

  2. The Eiffel Tower was en forme after an 18km jaunt across the beautiful city.

  1. A quick photo mid walk and a quick shower livened the pace.

  2. The lovely Louvre provided a great backdrop for the photo challenge.

Day 3 Friday 15th June

The group have been very busy all day again - so busy they have just got back to the Hotel at 10pm!  Here's what they've been up to:

  1. Today started with the Monparnasse Tower. The best view in town.

  2. High in the sky at the viewpoint.

  1. Ooooh! Pompidou!

  2. The Champes Elysees was sunny for our walk.

Our opening act for the evening karaoke was excellent. Ready for Parc Asterix tomorrow!

Day 4 Saturday 16th June

A visit to Parc Astrerix was the order of the day today, and it looks like they'll need an extra seat or two on the bus home...

  1. Leaving our accomodation meant the start of the day at Parc Asterix.

  2. It was sunny and fun! A great time had by all.

  1. Prizes were won!

  2. Some larger than others ....

We all acknowledged the floating goat before heading off on the journey home.

Day 5 Sunday 17th June

All arrived home safely (including the monkey) at 9.30 am.


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