2018 Costa Rica 6 Monte Verde Cloud Forest

Strung between two preserved cloud forests, 2 villages sit: the Quaker village of Monteverde and Tico village of St Elena. We arrived after another long journey up a windy unmade road which gave us some stunning views of the terraced hills of coffee plantations and clouds sitting on luxuriant tree canopies. Our excellent human chain for unloading the bus and efficient ‘accommodation’ team soon had us unpacking in our various rooms and looking forward to a relaxing wander around St Elena BUT it was not to be... There had been confusion over the booking and it transpired we had been given rooms that belonged to another expedition team. There was a little bit of verbal disappointment including well chosen phrases that Mrs Hanson would have been proud of (especially from one of the girls dorms who were thoroughly enjoying a PROPER shower ) and we were on our way again. Just down the road, however, and arguably of better quality.

We have spent the last couple of days relaxing in this lovely village, enjoying creature comforts such as real toilets, running water, electricity and NO flies!!! This morning, we spent in the treetops of the cloud forest, zip-lining, Tarzan- swinging and abseiling. Lots of shrills and whooping could be heard if you had been a bird/monkey and the views all the way over the canopy to the Pacific, amazing. The final wire saw us reaching speeds of 42 mph and unfortunately having to come back to our normal level.  Whilst high, we had all tried our best to spot any sloths but sadly the speed we were going at was not sloth-friendly! Oh well.... maybe the airport?!

I have another day or so left with my glorious team but already feeling just a little bit sad. After 2 years worth of weekly meetings, it has been a complete joy to spend time with these 6 intrepid and lovely young adventurers. We have had 26 days of such fun - there have been lows (mostly involving insects and mud) but the highs and laughs completely surpass these. It seems very odd that we will be parting soon but the experiences we have had will remain. 

Costa Rica 2018: Unforgettable.

I will update the website next time to let you know that the flight has arrived safely and confirm eta back in Newark.

Flight UA5 landed safely at Heathrow. As long as no delays, we will be aiming to catch the 15 06 from Kings Cross to Newark Northgate. Will update here if plans change.


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