2018 Costa Rica 5 Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja


Rincon de la Vieja is a beautiful volcanic National Park in the North Western corner of Costa Rica. Unfortunately, due to it being rainy season, on arrival at the park we soon realised that we would be sharing this park with millions of tiny biting flies (chugged) that swarmed in front of our faces and were expert at finding any piece of unclothed body - very reminiscent of angry midges in Scotland. Consequently we have never seen the tents go up so quickly nor heard quite so much abuse against insects! Despite them, we wrapped ourselves up well and spent the next couple of days trekking around the  National Park, watched by troops of howling monkeys (who were keen on throwing things at us) , giant stick insects and many, many butterflies. One of the treks took us by sulphurous hot thermal springs, where we all rested our bitten legs. Bliss! Also worth noting were the thunder storms at night which were frequent and the cooking of team meals by campfire, top quality. 

Today we leave for more mountains:  St Elena and the cloud forests of Monte Verde.


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