2018 Costa Rica 3 La Fortuna de San Carlos Project

Leaving Tortuguero - lots and lots of rain!

So our journey here was interesting. Due to those torrential rains, many of the roads were closed due to landslides or flooding but we managed to cross Costa Rica from east to west using a variety of buses - much to the amusement of our fellow passengers as getting 16 soggy passengers plus their 32 soggy rucksacks and 2 enormous group kit bags is no mean feat! The art of loading and unloading using a chain is now fully refined. 

Our project is in a tiny community in the mountains at the foot of Arenal volcano. Unfortunately, we have yet to see it as there continues to be heavy rain. We have many jobs to do - the first being to paint the ‘salon’, the village community centre which is where we are also camping. Our meals which are delicious and feature heavily on rice, beans, cassava and plantains, are cooked by the locals for us. We are also cleaning all their Village spring collection sources which involves steep walks up the muddy mountains and clearing these sites of leaves and debris. Water is used for sluicing the sides and most of it makes it to its final destination but some not and it is fair to say, that the students are definitely wetter on the way back down! Tomorrow morning we are going into the local primary school to help with the classes. 

On the last day England played Costa Rica in a football match. It drew in all the crowds but sadly the score was 10-2 to Costa Rica. In the evening the village committee came in to give a speech and formally thank us for all our work. 


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