2018 Costa Rica 2 Tortuguero

We have been travelling for what feels like forever, 30 hours from Liberia to Santa Maria. Waiting for yet another bus, on the bright side we are all amazing at cards now!!

After the cold nights of the Highlands, the humidity of Tortuguero had an instant impact on us all. Carrying rucksacks and backpacks off and on buses and boats and along muddy paths - the area is essentially reclaimed swamp in areas was like wading through treacle at times. We have spent the last couple of days looking at all kinds of animals and plants (sadly no sloths 😟) and yesterday was particularly special twofold: first it was Charlotte’s birthday and excellent excuse for a party ( impressed that our Spanish was good enough to get a cake made for her) and secondly, we spent the evening on the beach with a constellation-filled  sky again and a 125 year old green backed turtle who was making a nest. Amazing!! 😎🐢


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