2018 Costa Rica 1 Santa Maria

Rucksacks on and ready to go. Countdown is on...

After a day spent working out the intricacies of the Costa Rican bus timetables and being slightly confused by the fact that San Jose has not just one main bus station but 12 we spent a very long day making our way from Liberia to Santa Maria in the southern highlands. We were also slowly getting used to ‘Tico time’ where 10 mins means about an hour and 2 hours about 5+! A number of games of Uno and Cheat definitely helped pass the time. The last bus journey took us from day to night and flat and straight to incline and very windy but eventually we arrived in Santa Maria.

First night was in a hostel and the last few days have been trekking around this gorgeous part of the world. So much wildlife and spectacular scenery we could not have had a more perfect start to this expedition. Costa Rica has 7% of the worlds species and we have been spoilt for choice so far.

At our ‘campsite’, the girls pitched their tents looking out over a valley and we went to sleep with millions of stars over our heads and a chorus of frogs in our ears and woke up to a sunrise over the cloud forest. Charlotte’s name was picked out of a hat so she the lucky one of the group to plant a fruit tree in this valley, which will have her name put with it, as a symbol of the understanding of what man takes away from our environment must be replaced.

Tomorrow: Tortuguero.


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