Battlefields Day 1

An early start saw us leaving Welton with eager anticipation, making good time on our journey south before crossing the English Channel at Dover with clear skies and ‘relatively’ calm seas.

Having made our way to Belgium we headed first to Lijsentheok, the second largest war cemetery in Belgium. We learned the stories of fascinating individuals such as Major Frederick H. Tubb and Nelly Spindler while developing students’ understanding of casualty clearing stations.

From there we visited Essex Farm where students explored the lives and deaths of Allied casualties of war, finding the story of Valentine J. Strudwick, who died age 15, particularly moving.

We ate dinner by the water beneath a beautiful Belgian sunset before taking a leisurely stroll to the Menin Gate where pupils were struck by both the scale and human face of the losses incurred during the First World War.

Tired but filled with enthusiasm for our second day, the students retired for the night to their rooms. Students were universally hailed by staff, driver and guides alike as a thoroughly well behaved, mature and intellectually insatiable group of young adults, doing great credit to their school and their families


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