New York - Day One

Day 1 - The day of the travel.

Arriving at school at 7 am, quite frankly wanting to die. Although 7 isn’t as bad as 4, it was still quite bad.

But fear not, Benjamin price and Steven Cole were here to ensure us that all was well.

Traveling was fun. 3 hours to kill. Various activities took place, including Disney charades along with taking numerous pictures of our sleeping friends.

At last we arrive, with many a dead leg we stumbled out of the coach. While clutching our luggage as if it was a walking stick. We make our way into Manchester airport.

Rising through security, thinking were going to be late. Luckily our first time flyer was held at security twice. We weren’t late at all. One and a half hours we had to kill. So what do we do? Sit in Frankie and Benny’s and get told no panckakes. In our “tired” state we decided to cheer ourselves up by conducting a small social experiment using the handy little booklet with everyone’s phone number in. After this, we have 20 mins left to kill. So we venture out into duty free. Seconds later we are saddened more. Duty free does not mean cheap. By that time it was time to fly.

With a copy of the Sun clutched tightly under his left arm, Steve Cole was selected for a “random” security check, along with several other members of the group.

We began our 8 hour trial, upon our metal prison. But due to the vast entertainment we decided not to run off the plane.

Despite some slight turbulence, the flight was an overwhelming success. But the worst was yet to come.

At this point we couldn’t tell if the queue for the 50 minute queue for security or the artwork surrounding it was worse. By time we passed through, airport staff had taken our bags off of the belt so another flight could use it.

As we shambled out of the baggage claim area, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. That light was Gordon.

We got on the bus. Everything was different. School busses, weird wooden houses and the wrong side of the road.

All in all the first day was amazing.


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