Day 7

The endless search to find a USB port in China has ended and I hope you'll be able to look back at the entries for Days 1-6 to see some of the fantastic sights we have been lucky enough to see. Day 7 was what a Backpacker would call a "Moving Day" and saw us pack up and leave the city of Xi'an and catch a flight to the city of Wuhan. The only slight hitch in this plan was that this meant a 5am wake up which the Sixth Formers took reasonably well. We waved goodbye to our excellent guide Leo and boarded the plane which had just as strict security checks as British airports. In only one hour we had touched down in Wuhan.

Our bus picked us up and we made our way to the city of Wuhan for a pit stop lunch before a long 4 hour drive towards the Three Gorges Dam Project Area. The Sixth Formers were wonderful during this long long trip providing their own entertainment with improvised bus games and lots of humour and laughs. The highlight or should that be low light was the 2 service station breaks which showed the group the darker side of Chinese toilets. I think enough is said there but its a sight that many wont forget for a while. The road wove its way through rice paddies, lotus flower fields and cotton rows until the scenery changed from low grassy plains to mountainous. The Yangtze River roared its way into view and as the sunset over the river we arrived at our hotel for the evening, where the students were treated to an impromptu fireworks display. Tomorrow we set out for the Three Gorges Dam and yet more bus trekking fun.


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