Outstanding GCSE results

More than 80 per cent of pupils at a Welton school have achieved grade C equivalents in both Maths and English in yet another outstanding set of GCSE results.

In another strong performance for William Farr C of E School almost a third of all grades were 7 and above (previously grade A) and one in five students achieved the new exceptional top grade of 9.

One in five pupils also achieved an average grade of 7 across all their subjects, while 12 students even managed to accomplish an average grade of 8.

Across the school, which had 236 students sitting exams, two thirds of all grades were grade 5 (previously grade C/B) or higher.

As a result the exceptional progress of its pupils William Farr is predicted to be amongst the top non-selective schools in the country once again.

Headteacher Andy Stones said he was delighted that, despite significant turbulence in the educational landscape, the school continues its record of consistently high achievement.

“We are very pleased with yet another strong set of results, particularly given the changing landscape and the budgetary constraints we have faced,” he said.

“Once again the staff and students have done themselves, and the school, proud with achievements exceeding even our high expectations.

“I’m really pleased for the students and what I’m really delighted about is the school’s consistently good performance. Year in and year out we are posting excellent results and showing how well pupils progress while in our school.”

Last year, GCSE exams changed their grades from letters to numbers between 9 and 1. Under the new system grades 9,8 and 7 are equivalent to A* and A; 6,5 and 4 equivalent to B and C; and 3,2 and 1 equivalent to D, E and G.


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