Awesome Awards and Fond Farewells

Final School Assembly July 19th 2019.

We had an amazing amount of awards to give out in today's assembly, and fitting tributes to those who are sadly leaving us, including our Headteacher, Mr Stones.

Here is a summary of the assembly:                                                                                                                                              

1st Musical Item :                                                                                                                    

Jessica Barker – Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Charity Totals :                                                                                          

Cancer research




Breast Cancer




Comic Relief


St Barnabas


Everest Charity


Children in Need


Save the Children


Racism (Red Card day)


Clic Sargeant


An amazing total of £9,147.59!

Year 9 Mythbusters event :

The annual Mythbusters Science Fayre was held on Thursday 4th July. This was the showcase of the work that students had been working on over a 4-week period. The purpose of the event was to motivate, stimulate and encourage able and enthusiastic young scientists to explore an area of the subject in which they are particularly interested.

The top two projects from each class were invited to present their projects to other students and staff at the Science Fayre. As usual, the range of ideas and quality of presentations were fantastic.

The runners-up were – How Music Affects Mood and Wonky Vegetables and received a certificate.

But the winning students this year are: Elle Barnaby, Megan Bridge, Lauren Cooper, and Amy Lees for their investigation “Can You Tell When Someone is Lying?"

British Science Week 1.30

This year for British Science week, Year 7 students took part in The Big Battery Hunt. They were asked to bring old batteries into school to recycle. The year group saved over 12,600 batteries from landfills.

Some went above and beyond by working within their communities to spread awareness about recycling.

These were: Finlay Bell, Jacob Good and Kai Lynn.

Religious Studies Spirited Arts Competition:               

Every year, the Religious Studies department participate in a national Spirited Arts competition. Students have to create their own competition entry using drawing, painting, video, sculpture or other media. The themes this year were Pilgrimages and Journeys, Questions – Where is God?, Windows of the Soul and Mysteries of Life.

From William Farr, the winners of the competition (who received an Amazon gift card) were:

Y7 – Miya Powell and Tess Woodhouse

Y8 – Daisy Boucher-Walker and Oliver Wallis

Y9 – Grace Howard and Megan Smith

Design & Technology:

In Design and Technology we see some fantastic work in students’ sketchbooks. Sometimes technical, sometimes written, sometimes scientific, sometimes drawn but always creative, and we wanted to celebrate how fantastic your work is.

  1. For Best Sketchbook - Ruby Speed (Y7), Darcey Smith (Y8) and Lily Feebrey (Y9) received certificates, but the prize for best KS3 Sketchbook went to Esme Reed 9JZC
  1. Best Electronic Engineer. If Callum Gladwell (Y7), April Flavell (Y8) and Isaac Hempstead (Y9) received certificates,  but the prize for best KS3 Electronic Engineer goes to Daniel Wells 9NTW

  1. Best Food Nutritionist. If Marcy Talkes (Y7), Ross Stelfox (Y8) and Ciara Sutherland (Y9) received certificates, but Elle Barnaby (9RRS) won this prize.
  1. Best Graphic Designer – if Tess Woodhouse (Y7), Joshua Brown (Y8) and Ruby Havenhand (Y9) received certificates, but best KS3 Graphic Designer goes to Francesca Roberts (9NTW)
  1. Best Product Designer – Brianna Busby (Y7), Hester Bowes-Smith (Y8) and Josiah Clark (Y9) received certificates, but Caitlin Ezard (9NTW) received the KS3 award in this category.
  1. And finally Best Fashion Designer – if Isabelle Wall (Y7), Sam Jackson (Y8), and Eve Ashcroft (Y9) received certificates, but Sienna Kennedy (9JUJ) won the award.

Siemens Females into Industry

We needed to congratulate  and reward the four girls who spent some time at Siemens as part of an initiative to celebrate young females who are interested in Engineering.  They are:

Faith Greed, Sophie Maxey, Abi Pickering in Y8 and Lucy Watt in Y9


Some of our Gifted and Talented Year 9 Design and Technology students went to the RS Electronics’ STEM Fest in Corby. The day included product testing, making electronics waterproof, learning how to design a robot, programming MekaMon drones and making balloon-popping robots using Sphero robots. It gave the students a real experience of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) outside of the classroom.

If the following students received certificates:

Eve Ashcroft, Erika Atkinson, Josiah Clark, Neve Clarke, Caitlin Ezard, Catriona Lee, William Nicholson, Raif Somers, Francesca Roberts, Jaimie Swindale, Isabella Vinter, Daniel Wells

 Year 12 Chemistry Challenge Certificate                                                                  

Every year the Year 12 students are given the opportunity to take part in this competition where they compete against some of the top Chemistry students in the country.

The following have received awards:

Copper award: Lewis Jones, Adam Lawson, George Prentice, Callum Rorks and Kaie Turner.

Silver award: Jack Heather, Afshein Keshmiri and Rachel Subden

In June, 13 Year 12 Biology students entered the Intermediate Biology Olympiad, a national competition designed by The Royal Society of Biology to challenge and stimulate sixth form students with an interest in biology, and hopefully encourage them to study biosciences further.

As ever, the Biology department are incredibly proud of all our entrants, and awarded certificates to the following students:

  1. Highly Commended – certificate

Angelina Burton

Grace O’Brien

Alice Pepper

George Prentice

Callum Rorks

Tierney Wait

  1. Bronze – certificate

Rachel Subden

Kaie Turner

  1. Silver – and only one mark off a gold, putting her in the top 10% of entrants

Megan Horwell

 Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards

These certificates were for students who have taken part in the Carnegie shadowing group, which is a National award. They took on the challenge to read 8 books in 10 weeks, meeting every week to evaluate and discuss them and also helping to choose the national winner.

Samuel Armour, Catherine Brewer, Keira Brockman, Will Freeman, Holly Hales, Eloise Hatherley, Faith Healy , Morgan Holgate, Zeddi James, Sophie Maxey, Katie Smith, Tess Woodhouse.

After a fantastic year in Maths we have finished with the Junior Maths Challenge, which is designed to improve problem solving skills for Year 7 and 8. We had another great year with a lot of impressive results.

The following Year 7 student achieved a Silver certificate and best in year: Charlotte Carter-Wilding.

The following Year 8 student achieved a Gold certificate, best in Year and best in school and he also qualified for the Junior Kangaroo where he achieved a Merit: Ewan Merrell.

Congratulations to all in school who have taken part over the year in the Individual and Team Challenges.

History department

The History Department are delighted with all our students this year.  In particular, we are pleased with Grace O’Brien in Year 12 who entered The Great Debate – a national competition run by the Historical Association. Grace won the local heats and got through to the national finals, which were held at Windsor Castle. Grace was up against fierce competition and her speech was commended by the national judges. Well done, Grace!

Year 7 have competed in a castle building competition. The judges were impressed by the historical accuracy of the castles and the ingenious building materials Year 7 had used.

Highly Commended are Michalina Madra 7LWP and Aiden Gale 7KSP Stonebow

3rd prize goes to Maribel James-Corral 7 LCE in Witham

2nd prize goes to Max Patrick in 7BCH Brayford

The First prize goes to Kai Lynn in 7WP in Witham

The Department is also delighted with the work from Darcy Smith and has awarded her Outstanding Historian of the Year for Year 8.

Amelia Burrin and Spencer Bailey were both awarded Outstanding Historians of the Year in Year 10.

Ellie Cunningham is also Awarded Outstanding Historian in Year 12.

Well done everyone!

2nd Musical Item                                                                                                               

Lilly Bendy – Die Fun by Kacey Musgraves

Modern Foreign Languages have seen some outstanding work this term and over the year.

The Brittany Trip recently returned with 40 Year 8 students having enjoyed the sights and experiences of the region. The oysters were well received and the group was a privilege to take. Many thanks to all those who came and particular thanks to Mrs Dixon, Mrs Hanson, Mrs Galbraith, Mr Hamilton, Mr Bradbury and Mrs Doyle.

The prizes for the best maintained journal of the trip go to: Elwyn Purchall

In May, Year 9 students spent 5 days sightseeing around Paris. They were a stunning group and really got into the spirit of the trip. A huge thanks to Mrs Colautti, Mr Clark and Miss Norcross for taking part and making it such a success.

The diaries they completed in French were excellent and the awards for the 4 best go to:

Keira Brockman 9JUJ

Caitlin Ezard, 9NTW

Katie Smith, 9KXH

Hannah Vickers, 9NTW

The end of year awards for MFL:

In recognition of commitment, hard work and dedication, as well as achievement, the following awards are for continued excellence.

Hannah Bloom (Y7), James Conlon (Y10), Lottie Carter-Wilding (Y7), Megan Evans (Y9), Ella Gibbins (Y10), Grace Johnson (Y8), Amber Tesha (Y8), Naia Uncetabarrenechea (Y9).

The outstanding award for Spanish goes to:

Anya Delaney (Y12)

And The MFL award for Achievement in Spanish goes to :

Millie Hodson (Y10)

Hannah Sandvig (Y12)

 A new award for this year is the Keegan Award for outstanding achievement in French. The award is in honour of Mrs Keegan who retires this year and has dedicated the last 24 years to the development of French at William Farr. The following have been nominated for this prestigious award:

Tess Woodhouse (Y7)

Herm Butcher (Y8)

Lorenzo Majolo (Y9)

Nadia Merrell (Y10)

Grace O’Brien (Y12)

One last award for MFL is for an amazing contribution to languages. This student has run both Spanish and French clubs, as well as getting involved in every activity the department offers, for both French and Spanish.

The award goes to Ben Galbraith (Y12) .

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Students have been busy participating with their Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards this year. There are three more students who have been awarded their Gold and will go to the palace to receive their certificate.

Lauren Gallacher, Archie McDonald and Luke Roberts

A Bronze certificate goes to:

Thea Jones

Duke of Cornwall Community Safety Award

This award aims to educate and train young people to assist before, during and after a crisis. It was developed to give young people in the UK an opportunity to learn what to do in an emergency situation, such as severe weather, a pandemic or long-term powercut. The award is open to young people between the ages of 5 and 18.

We are delighted that Sara Neal in Year 7 has achieved this prestigious award.






Eleanor Allibone, 10BES

Ella Bradley, 10BES

Ethan Gaynor, 8JEW

Heather Goodman, 8ERS

Faith Greed, 8ERS

Will Griffiths, 12SGW

Sam Jackson, 8JEW

Laila Marshall, 8LSS

Kiera McDermid, 8RLP

Darcey Smith, 8JEW

Max Smith, 8JMM

Ben Thompson, 8JMM

Felicity Waddingham, 12ELJ

Oliver Altoft, 12WEB

Lilly Bendy, 12SGW

Robert Dawson, 12AOC

Fenton Glasscoe, 10BXI

 Award for Drama Ambassador = Imogen Grover, 12CCP

English Department                                                                                                        

Just before Easter, Year 7 took part in the Readathon challenge. This was the 12th year that we’ve run Readathon and students were challenged to read at least 6 books while being sponsored for their reading. The money they’ve raised goes to CLIC Sargent and the Roald Dahl Foundation, which are charities which raise money for children and young people dealing with cancer. This year Year 7 have raised a stupendous £1,622.62. Every student who took part will receive a certificate of thanks for their efforts in supporting other young people coping with cancer but we would like to award special prizes to 3 students for reading the most books, raising the most money and reading the most challenging books.

Prizes of a £10 Amazon token go to:

  • Callum Ward 7BCH who read the most books – an amazing 22 books.
  • Charlotte McNickle 7JCW who read the most challenging books
  • Eliana Clark 7ALW who raised the most money – an astounding £155 on her own!!


The Art Department would like to award the following ‘Artist of the Year Awards’

In Year 7 the prize goes to Clara Newby  7KSP and Jacob Brown 7LWP

Year 8 Evie Smith and Zed Smith

Year 9 Eve Ashcroft and Jo Williams

Year 10 Mimi Bendy and Charlie Richardson

And the two 'Photographers of the Year for simply exceptional work go to:

Year 10 Grace Shelly and Oliver Castle

Music awards                                                                        

KS3 music awards for academic progress and an outstanding contribution to extra-curricular music:

Year 7 – Euan Braddish, Luca Carchedi, Olli Wells

Year 8 – Zac Heskins, Sophie Hewerdine, Lydia South

Year 9 – William Kerridge, Ella Lenka-Wharton, Grace Mathews

KS4 Awards for academic progress and outstanding contribution to extra-curricular music:

Year 10 – Theo Butcher, Max Jawahir

HOY C&G Award                                                                                                               

Heads of Year have been asked to nominate an individual in their year group to receive an award in recognition of the excellent contribution they have made to care and guidance.

Year 7 - Tess Woodhouse 7JCW for being a fantastic ambassador for the year group. Tess has reflected our core values throughout Year 7. She is always compassionate and offering the arm of friendship to her peers, thinking of others and leading by example.          

Year 8 - Eleanor Bell 8LSS for an impressive dedication to all aspects of the school community, including a commitment to school attendance.

Year 9 - Josiah Clark 9KXH for continued contribution to school life.

Year 10 - Charlie Douch 10ALH for embodying all of the School's values in his conduct and attitude.

Year 12 - Benjamin Galbraith 12AOC for embracing the ethos and values of the school wholeheartedly.


House Events                                                                                                                     

The house who has had the greatest number of pupils participating this year:

 Brayford House

The house with the greatest number of house points:

Brayford House

Staff Leaving us:

Welcome back Mr Bunting who is rejoining us as Head of Maths, also Mrs Grant and Mrs Price who have returned from maternity leave.

Best wishes to Mrs Starbuck who is going on maternity leave.


Mr Carpenter History and Gov Politics for 12 years

Mrs Keegan Languages Teacher for 23 years

Mrs Sardeson Science Teacher for 18 years

Mr Knowler then delivered a fantastic speech (see below) and introduced a choir from all the year groups and staff who sang a fitting rendition of 'The Cuckoo Song' from the Sound of Music (see the pictures below)

Address for Mr Andrew Stones by Mr J Knowler

There are important moments in your educational journey that you will look back on in years to come and remember fondly – I want you to remember this one for Mr Stones as we say Goodbye.

Mr Stones has been teaching 32 years, 22 years at this school and for the last 8 years as Headteacher. He is only the 5th Headteacher in the history of William Farr School.

Andrew Clifford Stones has had an illustrious career. Many of you will not know that he started out as a Cadet Deck Officer with Cunard Steam Company in 1980. Having decided he didn’t want a career at sea and living in a bunk bed, he completed his A Levels at Boston College before gaining his degree in German in 1987.

Having spent a year as a language teacher at the Deeping Schools he joined William Farr in 1997 as Head of Year. Mr Stones said when he was awarded his Masters Degree in 1999, that one day he wanted to be a Headteacher - this dream was soon to become a reality. Mr Stones was appointed Assistant Headteacher in 2004. Having gained his qualification to become a Headteacher, Mr Stones was headhunted and spent a year as Acting Headteacher at St Bedes School Boston in 2009. He returned to William Farr School and was appointed as HeadTeacher in 2011 (8 years ago) and has since led the school to 2 top grade Church Inspections and exam results which have consistently placed the school amongst the top performing secondary schools in UK – a remarkable achievement. How he escaped Ofsted, that’s another story!.

I have worked with a number of Headteachers over many years and can genuinely say Mr Stones is unique. His has an educational philosophy that every one of you should be known and valued as individuals and has a strong sense of fairness and belief that you can all succeed in life. He takes a personal interest in you all and knows most of you by name, which for a school of 1500 pupils is remarkable. Mr Stones has always maintained that despite being an academy this school should retain its name as William Farr Church of England Comprehensive School as set up by William Farr, the vicar of Welton in 1952. He is passionate that this school should serve its community and this something I will endeavour to continue.

As the famous American author John C Maxwell said ‘A great leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.’ You have shown the way to so many students and staff over so many years.

This has been echoed by The Lincoln Diocesan Education Team who have also asked me to express their sincere gratitude for the excellent leadership Mr Stones of this school and asked me to read out this acknowledgement.

‘As recognised by the recent Church inspection, Mr Stones has motivated and inspired all staff to serve this rural community as a Church school for all. His compassionate and thoughtful leadership style underpinned by Christian values has enabled pupils to flourish exceptionally well. Pupils have always been at the heart of his decisions. There is no doubt that Mr Stones has made a hugely positive impact not only to the William Farr school community but also to the education system in Lincolnshire and the church school family in the diocese. On behalf of Lincolnshire, we thank him for all that he has done and wish all the best for the future. God Bless’.

Paul Thompson – Deputy Director of Diocesan Board of Education.

On behalf of the students, staff, governors and community we thank you for all you have done for William Farr School and wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement. I know you are looking forward to spending time with your family, enjoying your passion for cycling and bikes and travelling the world. I have heard secretly, that Mr Stones wants to apply for Love island – this is a rumour and maybe he can answer this question in a moment.

On behalf of all the students at William Farr School, I would like to ask the Head of the Student Council to come forward and present you with a gift.

Finally, I would like you to join me in a huge William Farr School round of applause - to a remarkable, inspirational and gifted Head teacher - Mr Stones.

(This round of applause took the roof off the Sports Hall and lasted for several minutes).


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