Amazing A Level Results

Half of all exams sat by students at William Farr School resulted in A*, A or B grades this year as the academy marked another excellent year of results.

In fact the overall pass of all 114 students was an outstanding 98 per cent, with three quarters of all students achieving at least three A levels with grades of A* to C.

The average UCAS Point Score per candidate (A Level and AS) was the highest the school has seen since the new scoring in 2010, with an overall average grade of C+.

More than one in ten of the students at the Welton school succeeded in gaining at least three A* or A grades.

Headteacher Andy Stones said he was very proud of the staff and the students who worked tirelessly to achieve such an exceptional set of results.

“I am delighted with this year’s results. We set very high standards for our students and they have exceeded our expectations,” he said.

“We are really proud of them and look forward to hearing about the success these dedicated and committed students enjoy in the years to come.”

Among the pupils who excelled were:
Rachel Lee: A* - Biology, A* - Chemistry, A* - Mathematics, A* - Physics, A - General Studies, B - Science in Society (AS).
Daniel Clark: A* - French, A* - Spanish, A - Geography, A - Mathematics, A - General Studies, B - Science in Society (AS).
Joseph Gilbert: A* - Geography, A* - Mathematics, A - English Language and Literature, A - General Studies, B - Spanish (AS).
Charlotte Pailing: A* - Further Maths, A* - Mathematics, A - Physics, B - French, B - EPQ, D - General Studies (AS).
Phoebe Potter: A* - Religious Education, A* - General Studies, A - English Language and Literature, D - Textiles.
Sioned Russell: A* - History, A - Geography, A - Religious Education, A - General Studies, A - Art (AS), A - EPQ, B - Science in Society (AS).
Stefan Mills: A* - History, A - Government and Politics, A - Religious Education, A- General Studies, A - Physics (AS).
Hannah Bowes-Smith: A* - Mathematics, A- Further Mathematics, A - Geography, B - French, B - General Studies.
Jennifer Lewis: A* - Psychology, A - Geography, A General Studies, B - Government and Politics, C - English Literature (AS), A - EPQ.
Lauren Dalton: A* - Mathematics, A - Biology, A - Chemistry, C - General Studies, A - Further Maths (AS), C - Science in Society (AS), B - EPQ.
Jack Bullivant: A* - English Language and Literature, A - History, A - Mathematics, D - General Studies, B - Electronics (AS), A - EPQ.
Paddy Smith: A* - History, A - Religious Education, B - Geography, B- General Studies, A - English Literature (AS), B - EPQ.
Ben Willshaw: A* - Mathematics, A - History, B - Geography, C - General Studies, B - English Literature AS.
Harry Hull: A* -Mathematics, B - History, B - Physics, E - General Studies, C - Psychology (AS).
Oliver Bradford: A*- Graphic Products, B - English Language and Literature, C - Art, D - General Studies .
Cynyr Jones: A* - Product Design, D - Government and Politics, D - History, E - General Studies, C - Photography (AS), E - EPQ.
Rosie Butler: A - Government and Politics, A - History, A - General Studies, B - English Language and Literature, C - Spanish (AS).
Anna Peachman: A - Geography, A - Government and Politics, A - General Studies, B - French, A - Sociology (AS).
Robert Clarke: A - Geography, A - Government and Politics, A - History, B - General Studies B - Psychology (AS).
Emily Posner: A - Psychology, A - Sociology, B - English Literature, B - General Studies.
Aaron Darlow: A - Biology, A - Psychology, B - Chemistry, B - General Studies, C - Geography (AS), A - EPQ.


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