04/07/2017 Bus (511) Accident

We are thankful to be able to report that a bus accident, on 04/07/2017, involving students from William Farr School has not resulted in any serious injuries.

Staff from the school were on the scene within minutes and stayed throughout the incident to ensure pupils were fully supported following the accident and stayed until the students had been safely collected.

Unfortunately two students were taken to hospital and three were checked by paramedics – though we are relieved to report that there were no serious injuries.

We have kept a careful watch on any students involved in the accident who are present in school – and will continue to do so.

The accident, which occurred at the Dunholme Junction on the A46, is now the subject of a police investigation.

If any parents want to discuss the incident with Stagecoach we have been advised that they should contact the Head Office of East Midlands Stagecoach on 01522 522255 and ask for Operations Manager Shaun Clark or Assistant Operations Manager Phillip Gibbons.

In the meantime we will offer any assistance required with on-going enquiries.


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