Draft Admissions Policy

Consultation – Draft Admissions Policy 2016-2017

The Governing Body is proposing a few minor changes to the Admissions Policy for 2016-2017. A copy of the draft policy is on the governor section of the websitewith the suggested changes highlighted in yellow.

The main change is in the sibling oversubscription criterion. The governors propose changing it from ‘Children who have a sibling who will still be attending the school when they are due to start’ to ‘Children who have a sibling at the school at the time of application’.
The Governing Body wish to make the change so that applicants are not disadvantaged by a sibling not achieving the entry requirements for the sixth form.

The other changes involve fraudulent applications and a tiebreaker to decide between two applications that cannot otherwise be separated on distance.

If you have any comments you wish to make on the changes, please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body at the school by the end of February 2015.


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