William Farr Celebrates GCSE Results

Staff and pupils at William Farr are celebrating today after achieving GCSE grades higher than last year – despite the drop predicted nationally.

Despite the pessimism in some quarters about this year’s results the school has seen an impressive 84% of pupils receive five GCSEs with grades of A* to C.

That’s 16 per cent better than last year’s national average and up on the school’s results from 2012. Over a quarter of all pupils received five A and A* grades and 17 per cent of students were awarded eight A* and A grades.

Three quarters of the 238 pupils at the school achieved grades of A* to C in English, maths and science. Almost a third of every exam sat at the school resulted in an A* or A grade.

Grades between A* to C in the core subjects of maths and English also performed well with 93 per cent and 83 per cent respectively – both significantly better than the national average.

The impressive results come despite head teachers warning of grade “turbulence” as changes to make GCSE subjects harder begin to bite.

The Ofqual exam watchdog warned on Wednesday that GCSE grades in English, maths and all science subjects could drop this year because of changes to exams.

The Association of School and College Leaders, which represents thousands of secondary school heads, said it expected “significant turbulence” in results.

“We are very pleased with the results this year. Despite some trepidation about how changes may affect results we have seen some impressive marks.

“In the key A* to C grades we have performed better than last year and significantly better than last year’s national average and we are delighted with that.

One in four of all our students posted five A* and A grades and that’s an incredible achievement. We are very proud of all the pupils.”

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