William Farr Students Exceed Predictions

We have been delighted by our Year 11's set of excellent results with students exceeding predicted grades.


  • 1 in 5 of all students achieved 8 or more A* or A Grades, our highest ever, emphasising our commitment to academic excellence.
  • Students achieved the second highest ever Capped (best 8) Point score.
  • 58% of all GCSE Grades were either an A*, A or B Grade.
  • 81% of all students achieved 5 or more A* to C Grades.
  • 77% of all students achieved 5 or more A* to C Grades including English and Mathematics, significantly exceeding both the county and the national averages.
  • ALL of our students achieved 5 or more GCSE grades, this is the first time we have achieved this incredible statistic.

A few to Mention:

  • Chloe Jacklin 12A* and an AS (A)
  • Laura Martin 11A* 1Merit and an AS (A)
  • Rachel Lee 9A* 2A and an AS (B)
  • Lauren Moore 9A* 2A
  • Alex King 9A* 2A 1B and an AS(C)
  • Rhiannon Howells 9A* 1A
  • Alastair Cornwell-Smith 8A* 3A and an AS(A)
  • Alex Dalton 8A* 3A 1C and an AS (B)
  • Robyn Bright 8A* 2A 1B and an AS(B)
  • Philip Gale 7A* 5A and an AS(B)
  • Jack Rhodes 7A* 5A
  • Lucy Coates 7A* 5A
  • Rachel Morran 7A* 4A
  • Rosalind Lewis 7A* 1A 2B

After last week’s best ever A Level Results these 2012 GCSE results are an outstanding performance by a remarkable group of students and staff. We are all very proud of them and the progress they have made, wishing them every success for the future.


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