House Performing Arts

For the past month, the Houses have been preparing for the House Performing Arts competition! This is a competition in which Houses have to put together a performance including singing, dancing, acting and comedy acts and is also a chance to get a spot performing in the Extravaganza. On the 30th of November, the Houses revealed their painstakingly rehearsed performances and performed in front of all who were taking part, Year 7's who got the privilege of watching, and the judges, who were our very own Mr Stones, Ms Baker and Ms Crawshaw. Themes included 'Swallowed by the Internet', 'Pantomime', and the quality of acts was truly unbelievable, showcasing talents that otherwise might not see the spotlight. However, the purpose of the competition was to win House points, and the winner was the House most in need of them, Lindum! They won with their wonderful wartime theme of 1920s to 1940s, with sway singers, 1940s dancers, soldier acts and a rendition of Dame Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again'. This marked Lindum's 3rd win in a row, and the Year 13's who organised the performance were hugely proud and 'happy in the knowledge we'd scored another House Performing Arts victory before we left'. Well done to Lindum, and all the Houses who took part! You will see some acts from the performances at the Extravaganza, so be sure to get tickets.


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