Gifted and Talented


In the Autumn term a general Gifted and Talented (G & T) register was created and given to staff so they were aware of the pupils on that list. However some departments also had their own additional list of pupils who are gifted and talented in their area.

Mrs Anderson (Assistant Headteacher, Teaching and Learning) lead a session for NQTs and new teachers to the school on Gifted and Talented which looked at strategies and ideas to implement in lessons for these pupils.

Also in the Autumn term Mrs Northeast took the year 9 G&T students to London where they were able to sightsee as well as visit museums and art galleries.

Year 8 and Year 9 G&T students ran the box office for the Oliver Production tickets.

On 25th June, Scott Hurd (who works for the Services for Education and Industry) ran a Challenge Plus Day for KS3 G&T students. 105 pupils attended this event which focused on making young people aware of their potential, developing their communication skills and interpersonal skills as well as generally boosting their confidence. The day was enjoyed by all and at the end certificates were awarded.

Finally throughout the year the school as a whole has offered a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available to pupils in order to enable them to extend their learning beyond the classroom.


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