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William Farr School awarded 'Excellent' grade in latest SIAMS Inspection:

On March 29 2019 we underwent our Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist School (SIAMS) and am thrilled to announce that we were awarded the highest overall grade of ‘Excellent’, with inspectors reporting that “pupils flourish exceptionally well” at the school.

The grading means that we are now one of only a very small minority of church schools across the whole of the Midlands to receive the excellent grade since September last year when the new, rigorous, inspection framework was introduced.

The report recognised our, “unswerving conviction that the fundamental purpose of this school is to serve its rural community”.

The report also noted that “students are deeply valued as individuals” and that “aspirations are high for staff as well as students”.

The school’s teaching of a unique personal, social and moral education (PSME) subject course was also singled out for acclaim for developing students’ “skills of enquiry and debate”.

Among the inspectors’ key findings were:

• The school has a proven track record of creative and sustainable projects, borne out of the Christian ethos, that equip young people with the skills to transform their lives.

• Leaders including governors consistently make bold and ethical decisions, shaped by the vision, to offer students a rich curriculum tailored to their aspirations and interests.

• Operational structures demonstrate a compassionate concern for the mental wellbeing of staff and students whilst developing leaders of the highest calibre in Church school education.

• Partnerships forged with the local church, the diocese and organisations such as Stonewall provide an invaluable platform for the school’s innovative work in developing a truly inclusive culture.

The report concluded:

“The daily organisation of the school is shaped by the vision for every student to access ‘life in all its fullness’.

The school has a forensic knowledge of student needs because the impressive staffing structure ensures no student slips through the net. The exceptional work of the closely-knit teams for care and guidance and for each year group act as ties that bind the school together.

As a result, achievement is above the national average at GCSE and disadvantaged students are catching up with their peers. The school is consistently one of the highest performing, non-selective schools in the country.”

We are delighted that this report recognizes the hard work, commitment and dedication of all the staff and students at the school - backed by tremendous support from parents.

It has always been our vision at William Farr that we are more than just a school. We are a community where everyone supports each other to be the best we can. The landscape schools operate in today is the most challenging we have experienced. To have received such high praise whilst rising to meet those challenges is particularly rewarding. We are really proud of everyone at the school.

Click here to see the full report.

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