Stephen Hawking – At one with the stars

Yesterday the news was released to the world that the internationally renowned physicist Stephen Hawking passed away aged 76. Having battled a rare form of moto neurones disease his incredible mind has proved the power of mind can overcome any struggles life places in front of us.

At school, Hawking had already been noted as a great mind gaining the nickname of “Einstein” from his peers. He later went on to flourish at Oxford University studying physics and chemistry then moving onto Cambridge University to study for his PHD.

Hawking rose to prominence in his research of black holes and space-time, writing papers on the matters. His breakthrough came when he discovered that black holes emit Hawking Radiation changing how people looked at the universe. In 1988 he published ‘A Brief History of Time’, looking further at the universe covering the big bang and black holes in a way that made it accessible to the average reader and not just high level scientists and mathematicians.

His work has made him an icon of science and popular culture, a name instantly recognisable. Hawking has inspired many whilst also making science available to the masses. The world has lost a giant in the field of science but also a worldwide icon.


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