Power and politics

Does Money Buy you a place in politics?

People say money buys you everything but does that include your place in politics?

With the result of the presidential election of 2017 the world is obsessed with the idea of famous singers or tv presenters going for such a legitimate role in politics. Trends such as ‘Paris for President’ and ‘Kanye for President’ are circulating the internet in light of Donald Trump's presidency: are we mocking the influence of one of the world's most powerful roles.

Donald Trump before politics he was best known as a businessman and tv personality with a gaining prominence in media, his role as the entrepreneur in the Apprentice USA made his popularity flourish as the Trump empire began to expand. His family background of wealth aided him in his long and tedious campaign to becoming the president of America showing the leverage of money and its influence in the political world. His lack of experience made him a person of the people, polarising opinions and bringing a new set of ideologies into the modern world. Some believed his inexperience in politics was a refreshing new start for America with others believing his different approach to the presidency as a step back. He widened the eyes of the American people and lead them to accept that the role of president could be achieved by a variation of authoritative figures.

Kanye West and Paris Hilton along with other people in the public eye have been urged to run for president, despite never being involved in the political domain. Could this suggest that future generations could be lead by a tv celebrity instead of a politician? Social media has been the catalyst for this uprising of stars being involved in the constituency, through their vast presence on social resources such as Facebook and Twitter, many more people are contacted through this medium than ever before and have opened up their minds to the bizarre idea of tv personale making key decisions for their country.

Overall, the movement towards fame and stardom through politics has drastically shifted since the presidency of Donald Trump. Even Obama who capitalised opinions purely based on his race had to come from a wealthier background to afford his education at Harvard university. This shows the imminent source of money streaming through the political sphere. When are we going to get a politician of the people for the people?


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