Steven Lawrence Day

We are currently all living through very turbulent times but we at JUST Lincolnshire wish to assure that our work carries on.

We are delighted to have continued our partnership with The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Foundation and contributed our work to produce a wonderful resource to be used, for home schooling.

The message from the Trust this year is how we want to spread a positive message about the part we all play in creating a society in which everyone can flourish, we want to show how when lots of people take small actions together we can make a big difference.

Baroness Lawrence would like Stephen Lawrence Day to be about the part we all play in creating a society in which everyone can flourish, so last year we were thrilled to see all the exciting and innovative things that individuals, voluntary and community groups were doing to mark the day. The incredible range of events and activities organised by groups such as JUST Lincolnshire were a huge part of what made the day such a success. Although the circumstances are very different this year, we believe that there are some simple things that we can all still do to show the importance of community and how lots of small acts can make a huge difference.

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust have put together some simple and fun activities that require no specialist knowledge from parents or young people, but that provide a great way for them to get involved in Stephen Lawrence Day whilst they learn. These are all free on-line at


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