Pupils are encouraged to drink water during the school day in order to keep themselves hydrated. They are allowed to drink plain water during lesson times. They are not allowed to leave lessons to fill up their water bottles.


Arrangements in the event of bad weather. The school will only be closed in extreme circumstances.

  1. During the School Day - Pupils may be sent home early and an announcement to this effect will be made on Radio Lincolnshire. Pupils unable to return home early or who have particular transport problems will be able to contact their parents by telephone and will be supervised at school until suitable arrangements for their safe despatch home can be made. Information will be posted on the school website.
  2. Whole Day Closure - This will be announced only on Radio Lincolnshire on the morning of the closure at approximately 07.10 - 07.25 am (repeated throughout the morning). Closure is only made on a daily basis and parents should confirm closure each morning by reference to Radio Lincolnshire.

Radio Lincolnshire frequencies - FM - 94.9 MHZ or on the school website.

Work is available for students in the event of a school closure.


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