Text Books   

These are loaned to pupils and should be treated with great care at all times since the cost of replacement is an increasing burden on school finance. All pupils should have a bag of a reasonable size in which to carry books to and from school and between classrooms while at school. Text books are usually bound in soft covers and consequently tend to be less hard-wearing. The parents of pupils who lose or mislay books and cannot give a good reason for this will be charged for replacement. Pupils will be reminded at the end of each academic year of their responsibility to ensure that all textbooks are returned to the school.


On the first day of the Autumn term, students are given a printed timetable that indicates subjects, rooms and staff teaching them. This is also available on the school's Management Information System and the Virtual Learning Environment.

Trade Union Declaration

For the period 1 April 2020 - 31st March 2021:

  • 4 of our employees were relevant union officials during this period.
  •  Our employees who were relevant union officials employed during this period spent 1%-50% of their working hours on facility time.
  • The percentage of our total pay bill spent on paying employees who were relevant union officials for facility time during this period was 0.04% 
  • The percentage of  hours spent by employees who were relevant union officials during this period on paid trade union activities was 1.27%


The school believes that pupils learn about many important issues by taking part in school trips. Staff are encouraged to organise any events that will enhance pupils’ educational opportunities. The school has a comprehensive Trips Safety Policy, which complies with all recommendations made by the Government and other advisory agencies. Parents will always be given trip information by letter and, in the case of residential trips, there will be a parents’ meeting.

Tuck Shop/Vending Machines  

Before school and at morning break the school caterers provide both hot and cold snacks and cold snacks are available at 3.45pm. Vending machines are situated in the dining hall and elsewhere in the school. These are only available for pupil use at lunchtimes, breaks, before and after school. Snack and convenience foods are often a source of irritation through the litter produced. Pupils are made aware of their responsibilities towards their environment and it is to their credit that they respect the school grounds and that litter is kept to a minimum. Every effort is made to ensure that healthy options are always available.


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